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All of our signature salads are freshly cut and prepared with the finest quality ingredients


Top any salad with our famous marinated grilled chicken breast or shawarma meat for $3.50.

Add feta cheese for $1.50

Fattoush Fanatic

S. $5.99    M. $7.99    L. $9.99

Romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red cabbage, curly parsley and pita chips, tossed with our signature fattoush dressing. (with or without chips).


Pop Eye Spinach

S. $6.99    M. $9.99    L. $11.99

Baby spinach, sliced onions and tomato, carrot & cucumber, tossed with our signature house dressing.


Greek Goddess

S. $6.99    M. $8.99    L. $11.99

Romain lettuce, tomato, onion, beets, cucumber, pepperoncini, black olives and feta cheese, tossed with authentic Greek dressing.


Mediterranean Mike

S. $6.99    M. $8.99    L. $11.99

Garbanzo beans, rice, diced tomato, onion and chopped parsley, tossed with our signature house dressing.


Taste the Sea

M. $13.99    L. $17.99

Choice of grilled salmon or shrimp over our house salad.

Tasty Tabbouli

S. $6.99    M. $8.99    L. $11.99

Chopped parsley, sliced tomato and onion, cracked bulgur wheat and mint tossed with our signature tabbouli dressing.


Julius Caesar

S. $6.99    M. $8.99    L. $11.99

Romaine lettuce, aged parmesan cheese and croutons, tossed with caesar dressing.



S. $6.99    M. $8.99    L. $11.99

Garbanzo beans, carrot, parsley and cucumber, tossed  with our signature house dressing.


Lentil Salad

S. $6.99    M. $8.99    L. $11.99

Rice, lentils, carrots, tomatoes, onions, parsley and our special dressing.


Buffalo Chicken Salad

S. $9.99    M. $10.99    L. $13.99

Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and red cabbage, topped with juicy slices of our delicious buffalo chicken. Served with ranch dressing.

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