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Meat For Carnivores

All platters are served with your choice of rice pilaf, fries or grilled veggies, soup or our house salad also served with the full-sized platters.

Upgrade to a tabbouli or Greek salad $1.50

Add soup or salad to any full-sized order $2.00 

Beef Shawarma-Warma

Half $10.99    Full $14.99

Extra lean and tender, marinated shredded beef that is roasted to perfection. Served with tahini sauce.


Beef Ghallaba

Half $10.99    Full $14.99

Steak slices sauteed with fresh pepper, onion, carrot, tomatoe, mushroom and our special sauce.


Lamb Chops

Half $12.99    Full $19.99

Deliciously-marinated lamb chops, charbroiled to perfection on our hot charcoal grille.

Shish Kafta

Half $9.99    Full $13.99

Wood-skewered ground beef mixed with onions, parsley and all spices, charbroiled to perfection on our hot charcoal grille.


Shish Kabob (Lamb or Beef)

Half $10.99    Full $15.99

Wood-skewered extra lean and tender juicy lamb or beef, charbroiled to perfection over our hot charcoal grille.


Mike's Steak Bites and Fries

Half $10.99    Full $15.99

Extra lean and tender marinated steak tenderloin, charbroiled then prepared into bite-sized pieces to enjoy with a side of crispy freedom fries and BBQ sauce.

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