Fruit Smoothies 16oz $4.99


Tropical Island


Mango Tango


Strawberry Banana


Strawberry, Orange, Banana


Very Berry


Pina Colada


Banana Split


Tropical Papaya Peach

Peanut Butter Banana



Replenishing Raw Juices 16oz $5.99  32oz $10.99


All of these exquisite juices are designed to replenish your cells providing your body with essential vitamins, minerals & antioxidants which help maintain good health and proper organ function.


#1 Carrot, Apple, Beet


#2 Carrot, Banana


#3 Beet, Celery, Carrot, Parsley


#4 Green Hulk

      (Celery, Spinach, Cucumber, Carrot & Ginger)


#5 Fresh Squeezed Lemonade


#6 Create Your Own


Add protein energy booster $1.00



Hot & Cold


Soft Drink

Med. $1.79    Lg. $1.99    Xl. $3.25


Iced Tea

Med. $1.79    Lg. $1.99


Coffee Machine $2.49


Herbal Tea $2.49



Coffee Fresh
Coffee Fresh
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Juices Raw
Juices Raw
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