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Breakfast served 7am-11am


Breakfast Specials

All served with toast and jelly. Eggs cooked to your preference.


Triple Egg Threat  $5.99


Hashy-Hash Browns & Eggs  $7.99

2 Hash-brown pockets and 2 eggs.


All American Breakfast  $9.99

Three eggs with hash browns, two strips of

turkey bacon, two beef sausage links


Egg & Meat  $9.99

Scarmbled eggs with ground beef, served with



Steak & Eggs  $12.99

Omelette Galore    All Omelettes $9.99

All served with hashy browns, toast and jelly



Cheese Omelette

American & Swiss cheese


Greek Omelette

Greek Feta cheese & tomatoes


Spinach Omelette

Fresh spinach, onions, tomatoes,

& cheese


Detroit Omelette

Fresh green peppers, onions, tomatoes,

mushrooms, spinach & cheese

Mike's Special Omelette

Chopped turkey bacon, sausage links,

mushroom, green pepper & swiss cheese

served with hash browns.


Authentic Lebanese Breakfast

All pies are spread on a thin dough base that is then baked to perfection


Zaatar Pie  $4.99

Lebanese imported oregano,

sesame seeds & olive oil.

Add chicken and fresh veggies for $2.00


Lebanese Sausage Links (Makaanik)  $6.99

Beef sausage links sauteed with minced garlic & onions


Labnah & Zeiton Sandwich  $3.99

Thick yogurt and imported Lebanese

olives wrapped in a pita, then toasted in our panini grill

Cheese Pie  $4.99

Imported Mozzarella cheese

Add chicken and fresh veggies for $2.00


Meat Pie  $5.99

Ground beef mixed with minced tomatoes, onions and special spices


Fatih (W/Chicken or Beef)  $8.99


Foul Mudamas  $7.99

Traditional mix of smashed fava beans, chick peas, garlic, lemon & olive oil served with fresh veggies

Steak & Egg Pita


Bagel and Cream Cheese


French Toast Sticks


Hash Brown Pockets


Fried Egg Sandwich


Fried Egg Bagel


Toast & Jelly








$2.49 ea







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